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Crowd numbers need to increase this season after COVID-19

As Australia starts to slowly open up once again after prolonged lockdowns following the COVID-19 pandemic, football in Australia is in a prime position to increase its average attendance.

Both the AFL and NRL have now concluded their seasons.

The only live football code being played across the country will be football for a sustained period, and the APL should capitalise on this.

Adelaide United's Red Army in full voice at Coopers Stadium.

Australian football is at a crossroads.

A correct marketing approach could see the game reap long-term benefits after many fans could not access games for many months now.

Perth Glory's recent signing of former EPL marksman Daniel Sturridge will entice fans to follow him across the country.

The Glory unveiled new star signing Daniel Sturridge last week. (Perth Glory)

But just following one player because of his status is not enough.

All clubs should be pushing for fans to sign up for memberships, doing anything they can to increase the league's marketing status.

The goal should be to drive the crowd numbers back to over the 10,000+ averages we saw from 2013-2017.

Another key factor could be the buzz of the off-season.

Recruitment from all teams has been exciting, and we could be close to seeing one of the best A-League Men seasons ever.

Signings such as Sturridge, Matthew Leckie for Melbourne City, Léo Lacroix for Western United and Oliver Boumal for Newcastle should all get extra bums on seats.

Mathew Leckie has returned to the A-League Men after several years away in Europe. (Melbourne City)

Those who are keen viewers of the A-League Men will be hoping that average attendances across the leagues can reach the goal of 10,000+.


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