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Riding Shotgun book review: Former Socceroo Andy Bernal's incredible tale of resilience

As a passionate football fan, I tend to read many football books. There have been several that I have enjoyed over the years, and Andy Bernal's autobiography "Riding Shotgun" is one of them.

Bernal with Reading FC. (Getty Images)

It isn't easy to clearly define why this book is so great because it has to be read and experienced to be understood truly.

Bernal may have chosen the title because of his exploits with David Beckham (Bernal was Beckham's agent and personal assistant), but it is pretty fitting.

When you read it, you genuinely feel as if you are riding shotgun yourself in Bernal's incredible story.

From the very first chapter, you are sucked in.

The book starts fast-paced and is exciting, with the absolute craziness of the circus that was Beckham's arrival into Madrid after he signed for Real in 2003.

But then we take a step back and start to learn about Bernal and how he started in football in the ACT.

It is a thoroughly enjoyable experience going through these following chapters learning about Andy Bernal, the footballer and Andy Bernal, the human.

His story slowly unfolds before your eyes.

There are a lot of moments in the book that will genuinely blow you away and are almost worthy of a Hollywood feature.

Bernal helped Socceroos such as Tim Cahill and Tom Rogic find their way to stardom. (Instagram)

There are also many moments where you will genuinely feel something as you explore every side of Andy Bernal and what he went through.

While there are many emotional moments, there are also moments that will make you smile and laugh.

But the most powerful feeling you will get after reading this book is being inspired because it truly is an inspirational tale of perseverance and strength.

The book makes you feel like you are reading into Bernal's soul with how open and honest he is throughout.

The Verdict

An enthralling tale from start to finish with the odd twist and turn here and there.

Bernal's autobiography has the potential and power to inspire.

While Bernal has broken many barriers in his football career, his breakthrough into the world of football novels is his biggest yet.

One of the best books I have personally ever read.

There will be many moments where you will not want to put the book down.

Riding Shotgun is a must-read for any football fan.

It's 10/10 and an instant classic.

This book review is the opinion of Sha Nen only and not Front Page Football.


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