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What on earth is going on at the Newcastle Jets?

Just two weeks out from the upcoming 2020-21 A-League season, the Newcastle Jets are without a manager, millions of dollars in debt, and struggling to find new owners.

On Thursday, a report in The Sydney Morning Herald claimed that the ownership group that had been in advanced talks over a sale had pulled out.

The latest development has led to speculation about current owner Martin Lee being revoked of his license.

Furthermore, the FFA could excuse the Jets from the competition for a season until they have a new owner.

The millions of dollars in debt they owe to creditors only compounds their financial woes.

The club is in desperate need for a fresh start under new ownership.

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Lee has no interest in the project anymore and has not invested in the club since October 2019.

Meanwhile, the Jets have had other issues to deal with that directly affect their on-field success.

They are still searching for a new manager, with Carl Robinson's decision to up and leave for the Western Sydney Wanderers not going down well with supporters.

Their recruitment has been awful and virtually non-existent.

Ramy Najjarine is the only player they have brought in of note.

Other notable signings are James Donachie and Joey Champness, but they have been immediately loaned away anyway.

Champness walked all over senior management by failing to honour a clause in his previous contract that allowed Newcastle first right of refusal.

That debacle underlines a dangerous use of player power at the club.

There are still four visa spots that can be filled as well, with most other clubs taking the initiative to get most of their recruiting done a month out from the season.

Every A-League club is struggling one way or another with adapting to the changes that the current pandemic brings, particularly in a financial sense.

However, Jets fans should not accept their issues in a 'normal' A-League environment.

Right now, they look a shadow of the club that hosted a grand final just over two years ago.


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