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ben Horvath

Sydney-based writer Ben Horvath joined our team in October 2023 as one of FPF's oldest contributors. He is excited to contribute a unique intergenerational perspective on Australian football from the grassroots level to youth pathways, right up to the Socceroos. He is a massive advocate for Australian football, having not missed a Socceroos game since 1974, and has been a religious follower of both the NSL and A-League. Ben also loves his surfing and chose surfing competitions over football in his late teens, going on to forge a successful career in the industry by editing major surfing magazines and websites. But his passion for football has never wavered. He was also an APIA Leichhardt junior who attended nearly every St George Budapest game in the 1970s with his dad and his Hungarian friends, back when Saints boasted seven Socceroos in their starting XI.

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